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Currently you can only use the Mobile App on Apple devices. We are working on offering SPITCH on Apple devices for Mobile-Web as well.


Rules of Play and Participation:


Create a lineup (1.200 ¢ budget) every matchday from all available players to win money in a duel against the entire community. SPITCH is based on real events and evaluates athletic performance using a defined points catalogue. To participate in SPITCH the following rules apply:


  • You can join a matchday at any time, even if it has already started.
  • You can participate at least 1x in each pitch that is displayed to you. You will be shown how often you can participate in each pitch.
  • You can only participate with a valid lineup (see chapter “Lineup”).
  • Your participation is only valid for the displayed matchday.
  • A matchday begins with the first match (kick-off) and ends with the last match (final whistle).


  • Your team must consist of eleven players.
  • Players can only be placed in the position defined by SPITCH.
  • You are allowed to line up a maximum of six players from a club.
  • You must choose a captain (his points count double).
  • Players cannot be lined up during a current matchday if their club has finished the match (with final whistle).
  • You may change players (including the captain) already lined up during the current matchday if their club has not yet started the match (before the whistle).
  • If you are already participating and line up a player from an ongoing match, you will only receive points for this player from this point on (saving your lineup). Points that a player has collected up to that moment are not taken into account.
  • Each manager has a budget of 1.200 ¢ million at the beginning and thus 1,200 manager points. For each 100.000 € used, 0.8 manager points are deducted. So you can start the matchday with positive or negative manager points. Example: If you invest 800 ¢ in your players (line-up), you have 400 ¢ left. So you start the matchday with 200 plus points.


Select the players who will score more points and dominate the pairing each matchday from a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 pairings. Win up to €10,000. SPITCH is based on real events and evaluates athletic performance using a defined points catalogue. To participate in SPITCH the following rules apply:


  • You can join a matchday at any time, even if it has already started.
  • Your participation is only valid for the matchday displayed.
  • You can participate more than once in a matchday.
  • A win takes place if, at the end of the matchday, the selected players of the individual pairings dominate and optional boosts have been correctly selected.
  • If a match is cancelled or postponed, no points will be awarded for the players involved in that match. This also applies if a player involved is not in the starting lineup. The corresponding pairing is cancelled and reduces the possible winnings.
  • If there are less than 3 pairings active due to cancelled pairings, the participation will be cancelled. You will get your stake back.
  • A matchday starts with the first match (kick-off) and ends with the last match (incl. corrections until the end of the matchday by SPITCH).


  • Pairings will be created by SPITCH for each match day.
  • If the two players in a pairing have equal points, the player who is marked with a yellow star wins.
  • You have the possibility to define the best and worst players in your selected pairings. If your selection is correct, you will receive an additional 150% on your possible winnings per boost. For a possible win, all selected boosts and selected pairings must be correct.
  • Once you have confirmed your entry, your selection cannot be changed or cancelled.


  • Corrections after the end of the matchday (final whistle last match), are not taken into account.
  • Corrections during a matchday can be taken into account until the end of a matchday (final whistle last match).
  • The individual players of the opponent’s lineups (top 3 and last place of the winning zone) can only be seen as soon as the corresponding club plays (kick-off).

Points Catalogue

The points catalogue defines the number of points a player receives for each real event. For example, if one of your lined up players scores a goal, he receives 200 points for you. If one of your players fouls, 15 points are deducted.

In general, our Terms and Conditions apply exclusively.

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