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What is the winning zone?

The winning zone is the points are where you get paid money. The managers with the most points reach the winning zone and win money. The winning zone is always calculated as a percentage in SPITCH. When selecting the game fields, you can see what percentage of the best managers reach the winning zone.


If you choose the €10 pitch, the probability of reaching the winning zone is 25%. The 1st place wins 1.275,00 €. In this example, the last place in the winning zone wins €13,31. (more information about the winnings can be found here: What can I win?).(Link)

During the live matchday, you can always see from the winning bar whether you are in the winning zone or how far you are from the winning zone. As soon as you are part of the winning zone, you will see your current ranking and the possible winnings. After the matchday, you will see the best rankings of your field. On Instagram and Facebook you will also find the best line-ups per pitch.

If your team does not score enough points to reach the winning zone, you will not receive any winnings.

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