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Is the only way to win through City players?

This week I introduce you to five players who I think are worth a try for your line-ups and try to prepare you for matchday at the same time. With Man. City there is a clear favourite, but the rest of the matchday is very balanced and I’m excited to see who will be lined up from all the top strikers in season mode. The battle for almost 50k prize pool continues and I wish you good luck on the pitches!

Ruben Dias (Cost: 105 market value points, Man. City):

The biggest favourite on this PL fixture is the somewhat struggling Man. City, but there is no need to worry in SPITCH, in my opinion, as Bournemouth is a team that has often given the opposing clubs outstanding SPITCH points this season. Rúben Dias scored brilliantly against Leipzig in the Champ. League and also in the last PL game (357 and 372 points). With 0.5 shots per game and a passing accuracy of 92%, I’m hoping for a lot of points especially against the upcoming opponent. Bournemouth also gave the Wolverhampton centre-backs a veritable rain of points on the last matchday (352 and 297) and for me a clear trend can be seen there.

Phil Foden (cost: 119 market value points, Man. City):

Pep didn’t make a single change during the week, so I expect plenty of rotation in the starting eleven for Man. City. The best player who didn’t make an appearance is clearly Phil Foden, who incidentally also dropped sharply in price a few matchdays ago. Against a relegation candidate for me a strong season mode option and also suitable for any tournament eleven. His stats also match up, as if you extrapolate his point average to 90 minutes (366) he is a real bargain and has great captaincy potential.

Matheus Cunha (Cost: 70 market value points, Wolverhampton):

Enough City for this preview and into Friday night’s game. The former Herthan man was a SPITCH rocket in the Bundesliga and had near captaincy potential every matchday. He’s slowly finding his feet in the PL too and I’m hoping for the next performance near the 300 range at SPITCH against Fulham, who may have to play without top striker Mitrovic. Cunha is all about shots on goal and assists, so far he’s coming in at a strong 2.0 shots per game and given the more even matchday, with the exception of the City game, he’s a very cheap option for your season mode forward.

Jarrod Bowen (cost: 68 market value points, West Ham):

Jarrod Bowen could become just that. The striker, who had a very weak start to the season, has been bouncing back for some time and has a strong points average of over 200. West Ham face promoted Nottingham, who have been playing strongly since the winter, and can close the gap from five points to two and get back into the relegation battle. Bowen has achieved an outstanding SPITCH performance on several occasions, but sub-par performances are not uncommon with him either. Pure tournament play, which could pay off, because with 2.1 shots per game and an xG value of 6.92, which is well above his previous goal output (4), there is still a lot of room for improvement!

Trent Alexander Arnold (cost: 90 market value points, Liverpool):

Last season he was the best full-back at SPITCH alongside Cancelo and Reece James. He can finally build on these performances and also scored more than 300 points in the CL. Liverpool’s playmaker can happily be lined up together with a Mohamed Salah who is finally playing strongly again, because he always feeds him in particular with targeted interface passes. His scoring average calculates to a strong 262 points extrapolated to 90 minutes and clearly shows me that he could be a player for any season mode line-up with his attacking drive (1.0 shots and 82.1 ball actions per game).

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