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The preview of the 13th matchday in the Nat. League at SPITCH

All good things must come to an end and so must the Nat. League for the time being. On Tuesday, the Nat. League at SPITCH goes into the last round before it continues in September and we can once again look forward to international soccer. I have taken a closer look at the matchday for you and believe that there are plenty of options to field a top team on matchday 13. However, the warning still applies that these are friendly matches, so playtime and fielding itself are by no means guaranteed.


Lukasz Skorupski (60 credits ₵), Poland: Poland is currently level in terms of points with their opponents Belgium, however, the Poles have nine goals conceded, the most in their group. Belgium goes into this game as the favorite and I expect a lot of shots on goal against the white and red. Skorupski is symbolic for every keeper on the pitch for Poland, as they are all in a good position to pick up points and they can also convince in terms of price.


Nathan Collins (80 credits (₵), Ireland: The Irishman is expected to take over the center position in the defensive three-man backline, which is always a good position for potentially a lot of passing and tackling. In the first leg between the two teams, Collins put up a strong 274 points despite a 1-0 defeat and I’m hoping for a similar performance in the return leg.

Scott Fraser McKenna (44 credits (₵), Scotland: In school grades, the Scotsman’s performances so far have been very good once and sufficient once, but even just sufficient is enough at such a cheap market value. In the first leg against Armenia, the defender also got involved in the offense more often than not and even managed to score a goal for himself, but will he be able to repeat that performance?

Maxime Chanot (67 credits ₵), Luxembourg: Another Smart Pick on defense. Luxembourg, like most teams, will go into the game against the Faroe Islands as favorites and I expect Luxembourg to spend large portions of the game in possession and moving the rock through their own ranks, of course, Chanot’s scoring will benefit significantly from that and maybe there’s even a shot on goal in it for the 32-year-old.


Hakan Çalhanoğlu (230 credits ₵), Turkey: A clear case for the captain’s armband on the final matchday. Lithuania has turned out to be the shooting gallery in Group C, with a whopping ten goals conceded in three games putting them in last place, with six of the goals conceded coming in the first leg against Turkey. Will the Turks be as offense-minded again, or will they take it down a notch this time?

Mykola Shaparenko (74 credits ₵), Ukraine: The 23-year-old midfielder is a set piece for Dynamo Kyiv and he has also had a solid season in the Nat. League so far, averaging 250 points.

Davy Klaassen (70 Credits (₵), Netherlands: A real veteran in the midfield of the Netherlands. The man from FC Ajax was able to attract attention recently with a goal in the Nat. League and should once again offer a solid alternative to the more expensive players in the match against Wales.

Youri Tielemans (129 credits ₵), Belgium: The Leicester youngster boasts a 73% tackling rate in the Nat. League in addition to an assist and a goal, plus the absence of Kevin De Bruyne which means Tielemans should be even more involved in the Belgian game.


Michy Batshuayi (70 credits (₵), Belgium: Batshuayi is a good alternative at the striker position that is certainly not on every SPITCH manager’s radar. Especially in combination with Tielemans, I can imagine Batshuayi well because that way you could benefit twice from a Belgian goal against the vulnerable Poles.

Halil Dervişoğlu (144 Credits (₵), Turkey: There’s probably no getting around fielding a Turkey striker. If they end up playing at half strength you will be annoyed, but should the game take on a similar character to the first leg, then not having anyone from Turkey at the striker position could be fatal.

Daniel Sinani (59 credits (₵), Luxembourg: Sinani scored an incredible 877 points in his first Nat. League game, and besides his brace, his five shots on goal stand out, which are of course a hot commodity for SPITCH managers. Since the Faroe Islands are also not known for their stonewall defense, you can field the 25-year-old frontman of Norwich I think with a clear conscience.

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