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Will it be a season mode matchday?

An early top game with Newcastle against City, then a five-team conference with Arsenal as the biggest favourites, followed by a top game with the weakest team in the league at the moment, Liverpool meet United on Sunday and on Monday Mitrovic at Brentford may completely shake up the matchday again. Lots of excitement and I’ll try again to give you five great tips for your season mode, which thankfully I more than succeeded in doing last week. The run must continue, so enough talk and into the matchday analysis for Prem. League matchday number 26.

Felipe (Cost: 66 market value points, Nottingham): What a start to a new league for him. In three games, only two of which he played from the start, the centre-back never finished below 288 points and will hopefully be able to match his average of 321 in the relegation clash against Everton. With 25 tackles won and 32 balls intercepted, I see increased scoring potential. Save some starting points with him to nominate the stars of Arsenal or the Citizens into your line-up.

James Maddison (Cost: 125 market value points, Leicester): Great caution is called for. The top performer, who was still injured today, is not safe for the game at the bottom of the table, who were also eliminated in the FA Cup during the week, against a fourth division team. Should Maddison play, I strongly expect him to continue Southampton’s negative run and put in another great SPITCH performance. 14 scorer points in just 17 appearances, 3.0 shots per game and 331 average points scored against the bottom of the table, what more could you ask for?

Enzo Fernandez (Cost: 93 market value points, Chelsea): Malicious tongues claim it’s your last chance to get Enzo at such a bargain price, so think twice before going for anyone else in front of a home crowd against Leeds. He has hit like no other at Chelsea and this is reflected in his SPITCH performances. With an average of 352, he is currently the best player at SPITCH after Erling Haaland. Chelsea continue to be in crisis, but Enzo’s stats don’t seem to mind. 1.0 shots per game and a passing accuracy of 89% is something I’ll gladly take this matchday.

Bukayo Saka (cost: 114 market value points, Arsenal): 86min per game, 19 scorer points, 2.5 shots per game and now the second last in the table comes to Emirates Stadium. There’s a lot to be said for Saka and co, so I wouldn’t just take a punt on the league leaders. On Saturday there are five games in the Prem. League Conference, so you can relax while the Bundesliga Conference is on and make your line-ups.

Oliver Watkins (Cost: 55 market value points, Villa): The man is in top form at SPITCH. Always in the green in the last five games and an average of 308 points per game sounds more than decent. The forward faces Palace with Villa and is slightly favoured going into the game. Twelve scoring points and 2.1 shots per game speak for themselves and the fact that he is his team’s penalty taker is what finally made me focus on him.

About me: Quite simply, I am one of you. I’ve been playing SPITCH since the beginning (2018), topped the community leaderboards for years, and have managed to take first place in our “main event” twice. However, I decided with a heavy heart to hang up my SPITCH shoes over a year ago. Now I’m part of the SPITCH crew and it’s my job to prepare you for the matchday in the best possible way.

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